Tuesday, November 14, 2006

logic of a friend

So the 80s threw up all over meee

Or so I heard.
Aw shucks.
Brutal honesty can be so galling.
You just gotta love/hate a friend that goes "EH WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU TODAY??!"
"NO, REALLY! I'm serious. WHAT?"

I could only reply the incredulous look with a weak jab in the ribs.
And an invitation for hades.
Followed by embarassed laughter, some rubbish about "retro is like, teh cool okay. um, and the construction worker look too. fine, a construction worker from the 80s. SHUDDUP about the tights boy....." and more pseudo violent hits.

Aiyo, so straightforward one.
Could I please have an oat milk tea bath to drown in?
Plus pearls plz.

Next stop: shoulder pads! HEH HEH HEHE.


huis! said...

NO SHIT. SHOULDER PADS. EVEN MY MOM DOESNT WEAR SHOULDER PADS. but hmmmm, there must've been something nice about them. otherwise why would people wear them riiight. yah you.... really got nice style hor. NEHMIND, i will still pretend to be your friend.

marns said...

:) Vaaa. what's up buttercup. how do you do.. i'm most prob going to Vegas on 26th-27th.. when will you be back there ?

sarah said...

vaaaa, i wanna go home ): heh BUT YOU KNOW! they have DAMN CHEAP SHOPPING HERE WHY DONT YOU COME AND VISIT ME!!!!!

ps. mike and gab are married.


SHUMIN said...

ey its okay I happen to think checkered shirts are like THE BOMB. like seriously...

samantha said...

hi vaBIBI. :P hehe. i knw i need to call you back. i'll call you at 110 today. love.

j said...

do you still wake up at 6 every morning? 'm sorely tempted to call and wake you up. 930EST