Monday, November 13, 2006

processed beats

X marks the spot.
...Where there's no whoops! bar ala this post big enough to cover my assclownity in that photo.
Nevertheless, the rest look cute so it goes up anyway.

Despite the 2 hour wait for a table (Damn you Cheesecake factory with your seating on arrival rule on a Saturday night), Jane's birthday celebration was great fun.
Especially the part with Samuel trying his darndest to finish the 'Ben and Carol/Cinderella' story and his other crazy anecdotes.. That i barely understood but found hilarious anyway. Gotta applaud the effort.
We pretty much laughed so hard that strawberry lemonade was being sprayed all over the place.

Splurges at anthropologie and haute chocolate whilst waiting.. Again, damn you Cheesecake factory. Haha and how Asian are we!! The requisite high angle shot and the implementation of my photo-taking theories and ugh majorwtfva moments

Us 10 strolled over to Bally's in the 50F weather and the blistering wind, taking wretched photos that even make me, well.. retch. So I feel ya!

Caught Jubilee after,
Always up for a topless revue!
Enough sequins and feathers in that show alone to cover all of North America.


Mmhmm, so life's been incredibly mundane lately.
More of the same ol' activities, the same ol' places, and the same ol' people.

Our poison of choice is invariably oat milk tea from TP. The late nights we have, we spend with our trusty hotpot and pow-wow sessions about everything from killer new heels to suicide and (failed) harakiri attempts. All this happening whilst we're glamming it out in matchymatchy ratty PJ's and big ol' plastic glasses.

We're old boring farts.
Old, boring, (too) comfortable farts.

We really need to start pretending like we care about what we look like with each other.

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