Saturday, December 2, 2006

winter wondernot

Not to get all podophilic but my feet are officially freezing over.

PS. happy #26!

We are not dealing well with this 30F (-1C) weather.
Probably sounds like bojangles to y'all up east and all.. but for the west coast
This is the bloody arctic.

It's my favorite time of year (which you will be hearing a lot of in the posts for the next month or so. and december just crept up on us. it's december! Sellarbrasion!),

But srsly.
Does it really have to be so darn cold?


In other news
I am moderately excited for the Kcomp later.. Especially to see if MizThang and her 'you are extras in my concert' attitude are gonna show. Champion for snacks before sitting our comfy asses down and enjoying the show. It's very tempting to show up in my flannel pj's.

Lazy Saturday.


marns said...

Great pics below.
i want to go to Hawaii too! Maui..Big island... oohsa. anyway, 30Fdeg ?? heh. i think i'm in the warmest city among all of you. to think i was complaining.. aiiii.

miss you va :)

huis! said...

im at 30

and clueless

huis! said...

37 and going to sleep

(i think)