Thursday, January 4, 2007

trains and sewing machines

2007 arrived without too much of a fuss.
adios 2006, hola 07.

My days have been filled with the same crazy faces, the same crazy laughs, but all good times.
More often than not, though, i've been out in my peejs with B. and flatty, eating our little hearts out.

Overdue photos from 06'.
Night out for the 2queens shindig
Which saw the reuniting of 4D and i just realized we're in IJ colors

Steamboat family time with a few of my favorite people in the whole wide world.
You know, moon and back.. and all that familiar jazz.
Armed with our trusty mini plastic crowns and scepters,
It was a night of wordplay, wordplay, wordplay. And a whole lotta wurrrv.

A revisitation of a (not quite so) madmonks,
It was a night of being utterly entertained by 2 energizer bunnies, really bad phototaking efforts, synchronized mike j dancemoves, sexyba.. POM!, and a certain miss paris mountain.


The crank that gives them temporary laughter
By saying "Time flies but aeroplanes crash"


SHUMIN said...

hellooo vavamoeba, just wanted to tell you that you are looking very good lately!

missrustybones said...

i dont want you to goooooooooo



samantha said...

i miss you and thanks for being such a great BFF. <3 call me when you get home.