Monday, January 8, 2007

key chain dangles out of the door

Rich chocolate truffles and cod fish in steamboat
Fudge cake and taboo and deathmatch with cola
Food hunts that take us all over the island
These are a few of my favorite things

Aren't I the budding lyricist.

My days have been filled with:
Hotpot madness
With 14 other vunderful girls and boy(s) in coupleland a few days ago
Rounds and rounds of steamboat with:

- chilli sauce
- orgasmic truffles
(i am not kidding. i don't normally eat them but these were amazing. pls go order now.),
- then rounds and rounds of hilarious deathmatch
(BO-BBING, BOB-BING!, lacost-ee, carmen's fantastic pinoy talent, and the severe lack of pronouns in speech/ song singing)
- then taboo

- and continuous laughs all through the evening.

All in all, a very good night.
Mucho gracias to miss Leona/ Spidez/ QQmorh/ Fishball showeroffer/ Best DJ ever
And ah... i have never heard a better playlist than yours, you hostess with the mostest, you.

(Source: wynji)

A day trip to vivocity (vee-voh city? vyevorsity?) with B.
It is gargantuaaan.
We walked till the soles and the balls and the heels of our feet were yelling bloody murder.
And we placated them with cookies and chocolate ice cream.

A morning back at the old alma mater,
Where i literally filled myself with countless cups of iced milo, got all the hot goss and tried to stare down an 11 year old. (I failed.)

Sam's last night before jetting back to San Jose at momo.
Most of the night saw us sitting outside on the hardwood seats and pouring our hearts out. You know, proclaiming our undying love
And oh, trying very hard to do the melbourne shuffle. (I failed.)

Just 5 days more people,
Yup, the foodventures have well begun thanks to a few of my frequents like this and this.
Mm hmm, time to go carpe the hell outta diem.

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sarah said...

gab and i were at vivo on the same day as you and mike were! like same time somemore!

but well, now i'm back here :< YOU HAVE LOADSA FUN ON MY BEHALF OKAY <3

see you in summer!