Sunday, January 14, 2007

and how i wish, i wish it weren't so

Save tonight.


And here we go again!


L said...

hello mad woman, it's been fun hanging out with you this holiday. SEE YOU IN A FEW MONTHS TIME OKAY?


sarah said...

vaaa! may will come REALLY SOON (: then i will get to meet you more and not just like for 5 freaking mini days or something.

missrustybones said...

im glad we were spice girls :)

and im glad i got to see you more this holiday.
more more more next time okay?

dith said...

HARROWWWW . i'm sorry i missed you that day ! we fell aslp ! like on too much rice and sex. HAHA kidding, no sex la just alot of rice..

BABBY ! the one and only who puts her face into my face and really scares me sometimes with my innate ability to understand everything she says when she's set on turbo.

I MISS YOU ! may will come really soon and I KNOW you're going to miss my bday but AHHHH. COME BACK FRO 20th ! and keeepp me updated forever and ever.


marns said...

Hi vaa i think i read your message during my sleep haha; i just remembered! sigh welcome back i'd say, though i know you'd rather be somewhere else. -hugs. well.. you're not alone.. and.. i loveyou. :)