Sunday, March 4, 2007

strawberry fields forever

I've reeeally been meaning to get to this sooner so here I go

Chinese New Year 2007 totally came and went far too quickly.

Maybe it's being away that's making me embrace my ethnicity and love the lunar new year more than ever because for some reason - it's fast eclipsing (cue gasp) Christmaaas.

I even like those kitschy scroll thingys with the chinesey feel good auspicious sayings and those big red lanterns plastered all over the city. It was a pretty mediocre meal especially for a reunion dinner, but just having a reunion dinner was good enough for me. Tremendous lou-hei disappointment though, they didn't have it this year like they did in 06, but it was nice being reunited for a reunion dinner for the first time in 3 years.

Sisterly wurrv.

Love at Mirage after. Decidedly underwhelming but the music was pretty phenomenal. Loud singalongs including my favorite LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIII-AMONDS. And the sheets shooting across the theater was a fantastic throwback to being 5 and 'camping' under my blanket at home.


Golf at Cascata the next morning
As it is with most scenic shots, photos don't quite do the place justice.
was beautiful.. Even for someone who can be supremely unappreciative about nature.
A cool Spring day, and the first time i've been golfing with my family in like, 7 years. Okay so when i say golfing i really mean sitting in the buggy reading and eating whilst they golfed but.


Dinner at mesa grill,

Finally found lou-hei on day2 of CNY!
Good Health! Money! Health! Money!.. And all that other good stuff you're supposed to say when you toss.

Among the pictorially undocumented:
- A failed trip to fry's
- Dinner at hyakumi. UNI, ILY
- Jacky Cheung in concert.. WAZZUP JC. And unceremoniously leaving during the encore because there's just so much 'snow/wolf/lake' with faceless dancers we could take.

All in all, the 3 days passed in a flash.
Before I could digest it, the family had left and it was back to the ol' grind and an exam the next day.

Oh well.
Granted we're 3 weeks into the year of the Pig and this is delayed to say the least but,
May the year ahead bring nothing but joy, y'all. Or at least as little negativity as possible.

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good. big entry. keep up the good work :) i likey.

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