Thursday, March 1, 2007

take a sad song and make it better

It snowed here yesterday.
Okay so it 'snain'-ed, or 'row'ed. You know, the kind of rainish snow that melts on contact with windshields/ roadsides/ painfully bare skin.

Even though I was spewing vulgarities at the freezing cold and lamenting global warming (j. says its almost tshirt weather in Maine. IM SORRY BUT WHAAAT??), it was pretty amazing.

The cold makes you loony.
Refer: Crazy parapet climbing antics after stats class with the chi-man. And then not being able to come down. And then wailing like a sick animal and subsequently having to be rescued.

T-shirt weather is sounding very appealing right about now.
IE. OMGSAMMYKINS... I am beyond excited. I might go postal just thinking about it.
The only things that are keeping (by that i mean forcing) my feet on the ground:

- 10 page marketing paper due next Friday. With my group. Who i've grown to adore yes but we are the laziest lazies to ever lazy. Read: Not a word done and we've had 5 weeks to start.
- HR mgt weekly tests and papers
- Stats exam next monday. Of which i can safely say i am completely and totally screwed for. Z SCORE? DISCRETE PROBABILI-WHAT?
- The continuous albeit strange mix of the Beatles and Mark Farina on iTunes.

Oh Desert, schmesert.


take home some lovin' said...

im safe, my kidneys are still with me! eh you were supposed to call if i didnt contact youuuu leh. VA...

huis! said...

i know!! discrete random probability! i'm pro-ness at that man. email me your homework. i do for you. :)

pau said...

i want your ring pops.