Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i believe in symmetry

Amidst my astonishingly persistent jet lag,
Life's been moooving along.
Activities include:

KTV with huis and dips,

20th birthday dinner at gordon's grill,
(Followed by the phenomenal blades of glory with Leonrahuiz.)

Spaghetti cookouts with babs.,
Is niiiiice!

Crazay walkathons/talkathons with J
Dinner with Rudith & beebz.
(J: "I really want to see you in drag."
R: "I'll look like Princess Jasmine")

No lies, just love.


Edith said...

HAHAHAHAHAH omgggg, the princess jasmine comment was a killer.

Russel is sucha silly twerp. More love soon okay.. please date Rudith out more oft. we like strolls along lido. Your beebz is the chuuuuttte.

<3 in MANhatten

sarah said...

every kiss begins with kayyy!

samantha said...

haha. :) i love your's niceeeeee

bff. i'm sick. and bored. ):