Friday, August 24, 2007

time is making fools of us again

HPHP: Harry-Potter House-Partay!

harry woon & ginny cho -nah
fred quek & georgie lim

tryin' out the trelawney

k-dumby, george, 'arry, g-cho

We had quite a ball a couple of weeks ago at cole's..

Crazy delicious home (kaew) cooked food and limitless tetra-packs of green tea. A bunch of crazy kids who (honestly) looked nothing like harry p. characters.. but had a blast taking photos and essentially going nuts. Annnd then talks by cole's stone table accompanied by bridge till 5 a.m.

Crazy d-trix, Q & green tea
familyfood, d-trix & valawney


A public service announcement from dith and va/ bellatrix and trelawney:

I think i speak for both dith and i when i say.. Mucho gracias supercults, you guys have been extremely welcoming the past couple of months and we really appreciate it :] Thank you for inviting us to your shindigs and letting us bear witness to your antics. Most of all.. Thank you for bearing with our clownery and i hope you know that this summer has been so much more fun for me because of you guys.

Especially vern, thanks for opening your arms and always being accepting. And for never getting mad at my (lack of) bridge skills. I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. (Nothing will erase our 8568567 shared experiences!)

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light."


kaew lulu said...

okay i know my username says kaew lulu but im really not. im VERNIA LIM KIM LING hahaha ok its a long story why im using her nick but haiyah.. that for another day.


well va, you have made NLB a more enriching experience. you've brought so much joy & laughter to the supercults and we'll all miss you dearly.

i hope we'll still be able to spend mucho time together when you next come back :D

p.s. you made QQ tear with your entry!

kaew lulu said...

*cough, cough* humm.. now this is Kaew looloo... y is supercultlian using my acc leh???
anyway, like wat SCL said, u brought more joy to us, we enjoy ur present. n i'm happy tt i getta know u from vern.
take gd care of yaself.
will miss ya!