Sunday, August 19, 2007

hong kong garden

A frenzied night of packing, the surprise of business class, ridiculously tiny water glasses and 1 pilfered green blanket later...


So we were very excited.

We were thrilled to consult the interactive (GENIUS) flat screen tv at the airport and thrilled to buy 3day MTR (WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM THE BLOODY KCR... oh we learnt that the hard way) passes. Thrilled to ride the airport train, thrilled to get into a HK red cab, thrilled to get bumped up to a deluxe room and just... THRILLED TO FINALLY BE IN FRIGGIN' HONG KONG.

Because our uncoolness is legendary.

Our entire trip really was 吃東西 買東西 吃東西 買東西 ala karen mok's (very effective) ad.

We arrived, we ate at our first tourist trap, we cleaned up, we got lost, we (sam) used the map, we finally arrived at destination #1,we shopped our little hearts out and we found immense delight in conversing using our mangled cantonese.

Rectifying our KCR error... by foot.

Day I: Dinnar.
dumpling soup & carrot cake @ mongkok

Sunday saw rain (WHAT IS IT WITH US AND RAIN, SAM?), and fantastic yumcha with Steph!
Divine dessert at Le Goûter Bernardaud where we talked about everything from taitai-tendencies to crazy girls with nutcases for boyfriends.

Sam and I did causeway bay after IFC and finally got our hands on HK street food!

Day II: Dinner
chou tofu, yudan, sausage&bacon @ causeway bay

Our last day saw us traipsing up and down granville, giving mongkok a last hurrah... and (sam) going a bit crazy with the wingwah/mooncake & shopping at watsons.

Day III: Breakfast

Day III: Snack Time
we heart cold noodles @ mongkok

As the SC's would say,
"I don't wanna" :[

And thus marks the end of our 56 hours in Hong Kong.

As usual, traveling with my #1 mate was a blast. My very own award-winning map reader, price bargainer and GPS System. Seriously though.. Sometimes I think about my life without Sam.. AND IT SCARES THE BLOODY DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME. Okay this is me saying THANKS, SAMMIKINS for being such a fantastic travel/life (ha ha) partner.

No exaggeration, I haven't walked quite so much in years. Due to severe time constraints.. we didn't spend nearly enough time there. We missed out on places.. faces.. But! Till 2008 HK, till 2008.

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