Thursday, October 11, 2007

all my little words

This past weekend looked something like this:

A.M bowling seshes,

Hour-long journeys.. (exit 43! no wait 34! no wait.. 33!!! ARE WE GOING THE WRONG WAY?! ARE WE GOING AGAINST TRAFFIC??!!! Now we take I15 north right? south?? Could tony, fifi and skylar ALL BE WRONG?? [answer: yes, oh yes they could.] WHAAT?)
Hour-long waits (in the raging cold, no less) for very mediocre (at best) japanese food.
Upside.. I finally got to meet shan 3 years.. It's been a long time comin' babe!

The very swakoo me fiddling with Shan's phone.


Very late night Teevs, laughs and blue-men masks in unexpectedly co-ordinating outfits with my bestestest girls,


Hello, crazy eyes.

22 hours with my sister xoxoxoxo , cheeseburgers and Bill Maher,

Annd time with the Farrellys and teamtaiwan.

Whiling away time pre-movie.

..Not including photos of a very lazy sunday comprising of us, the sofa, and our weekly dose of incredible splendor. And a huge stack of employment law/cost control notes. Ah yes.. life as a hardworking college student who almost averaged a D+ for a certain class that ended last week - and subsequently went postal. Actually postal doesn't even begin to cover the fit I had.. Sprinting over to #1039 going WHAT AM I GOING TO DO MY LIFE IS RUINED JUST STAB ME WITH A PARING KNIFE NOW

I am so melodramatic sometimes.


Anonymous said...

hey, just passing by your blog. are u studying business at nevada? why did you choose LV after AC?


huis said...

thanks for providing me a new desktop wallpaper (refer to post below)

Anonymous said...

hey there eva, is it expensive to study in america and was it difficult to get into acjc after the o levels?

jermaine :}

vern said...

babe, i finally saw lollipop.
i think ouquan and wangzi are kinda cute. hahah god, hurry get your ass back here.

noone here knows what the hell i'm talking bout.
hahaha oh and we can go bowling with xxtreme_bowling at hotmail dot com

haha thats qq's email address btw