Friday, October 12, 2007

beyond the neighborhood

I think they call this 'Fall', but in Vegas, it's that strange 2 week pocket of time when we get crazy 82F wondrous weather: before we lapse into extremity again. For another choice example, see 'Spring'.

This weekend will see us going completely hermit and literally living in our pajamas. Mostly to hit the books for big exams next week (us) and to nurse blisters the size of australia [gracias, hospitality marketplace] + throbbing stomachaches (me).
Well except for supermarket shopping in our pajams. And friday night singathons. And Sunday morning hellodearestlove episodes. Annnd that's it.

fiona: hey.. i'm not majoring in business, actually i'm doing hospitality management here in vegas. well vegas mostly because the hotel school is pretty good and i have some family reasons as well :]

jermaine: hey there.. well where i'm at now is considerably less expensive than other schools but it actually really depends where you decide to study. about going to ac.. well i think it's getting harder every year to get in? but as long as your grades are reasonable and your cca record is good it should be no problem :]

I'm in no fit shape

To make a record of my life
To lose any more than I need
To watch my fingers bleed
To bust my body up
To drink out of your cup
To act a fool in love
Acting hard's been tough


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Anonymous said...

ok, thanks for the information. i'll really think well about it. :}


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kaew lulu said...

Hi Vaaa, dun always go KTV in LV, go back sin in march and sing together la.. haha.. take care!

Anonymous said...

hey what sch are u attending in las vegas?