Wednesday, November 7, 2007

majo no jōken

Morning take-out/ Us
Ankle boots du jour/ "miss lead"

We mostly spent the past weekend being loyal food-senders to our friends doing SEMA, braving convention traffic and snapping photos of cars that were completely tricked out. Hit up the outlets where I somehow figured that I simply had to buy 3 full bottles of perfume and Angel decided to splurge on a precious Halloween costume for a precious little person that doesn't quite exist yet. Another story for another time.

But the highlight was most definitely revisiting 1999 by way of majo no jōken.
You would think we would go completely stir-crazy sitting on the sofa for about 8 hours straight but I think watching a nubile Tackey was motivation enough. Suriving on an endless supply of andes bits, fruitips and caramel corn... We watched, we cried, and we screamed. (A lot.)



angelangel said...

believe it or not, my six sense tell me that my little person will exist very soon... hahahahhahha

huis said...

read pau's comments for you on my blog haha

missrustybones said...

omg darling hurry back home and we can have daily marathons of TAIWANESE drama at your place or smth! hahaha and when you're back, i can show you dance moves (of show) hahaha i am craaaaazy!