Monday, November 5, 2007

the sweetest chill

I honestly cannot believe I have already spent two Halloweens here.

Angel and I were talking about how quickly time has passed/ is passing and it's utterly gobsmacking. Summer is well and over and Fall has already crept up on us without much of a hurrah. 2007 is almost coming to a close.. what with Halloween all gone and Thanksgiving coming and then Angel graduates then Christmas then 2008 and then and then and then we will all start working get married have white picket fences retire have children and die. Just sayin'.

Here we go!

Dinner Time!
@ Cafe Babareeba

We had tapas, took photos and um, tee-heed all night.
No one could quite tell what I was supposed to be. I would be mad but I kind of lost sight of my original plan as the night went along anyway.. Although I was kinda bummed I didn't get to fully utilize my "Maisy's Thanksgiving Party" storybook prop, it was just fun holding a pointer and kinda poking around/ whipping people when they asked me to. Sometimes not even for a photo op.


I know.

Ah.. so the festive Asian kids strike again.
Flashbulbs going off non-stop and photo story outlines getting more and more absurd at every turn (e.g. "okay.. you're the pirate that's taken a teacher hostage and you want to KILL HER WITH YOUR ER.. DREADLOCKS")

Requisite Loo Shot.



(And he's wearing the Singaporean army er.. uniform thingy)

Aw :]

Pinkie/ Shan/ Ting
A very non-threatening Brian Sparrow/ Jack Cai

And of course,

My very best girls.
(à la 2006, JANE WHERE ARE YOU?!?!!)


Also met up with TeamSG later on and I was laughing so hard I could almost feel tears running down my leg. No lie. We strolled the strip and howled at mistaken identities. ("WASSUP FIRST FAIMAN!!!" "er babe who's faiman?".. "maybe he's talking about Asians?" "WHAAT??!")

Major up to sah-rah for being ever the hostess and showing me the budding band/ a capella wonders that are Wade/ Lee/ Kyle. Annd their incredible rendition of.. Some song or another with a title that includes cracked skulls and elbows. And for letting me be the lucky recipient of Wade's empty beer can and beer glass in the (almost) exchange for my little 'antenna'. ("CAN YOU SEE SINGAPORE TV WITH THAT?")
I haven't howled so hard in ages.

Dave/ Sah :]

The Christopher Clan (And dave/va)

The night started and closed on altogether fantastic notes.. Even though I think we all expected a bit more from this particular Halloween (you see how awful the expectation theory is?), it was still incredible in all the right ways.

Sensei Va: It was indeedy a Happy Halloween.
The End.


samantha said...

Sensei Va, hello.
your skirt's not short at all at all. :P hehe. but..nevertheless very damn cute. :)

i blogged too. :D

wyntay said...

hahaha you CHASED YOUR LOYAL READER AWAY !!!!!!! okay lah don't scold don't scold. my last paper on friday then i'll be the noisy tagger again ;) ARE YOU COMING ? i'm going back to sg at the end of feb cause jo's going to msia ! any chance you'll reach before friday ? take my paper for me i'll be your chauffeur for 10 years zzzzzz

wyntay said...

wah your skirt is DAMN long i like O_O

Anonymous said...

varibo!! (i still call you that by the way. BUT i haven't eaten haribo in ages) hehe just dropping in to say hi and that your halloween looks awesome! is that david kwok? ? oh man i didn't know he was there already! ANYWAY we must meet back in singapore okaayy.. at least a quick coffee with shumin or something! for the memories man.. you are like.. my EX CLASSMATE! like how cool is that chuurr..

luv laura!

SHUMIN said...

YAH! have coffee with me and lola! :) anyway u look super cuuute and is sensei teacher?!