Thursday, July 24, 2008

7/9/08: jewems at play

Finally the part 1b of this - I am such a lazy prat.


aw sam & dith

We trooped in with our tummies stuffed with pricey chinese food and our livers ready to take some heat. Ok i exaggerate - maybe only Sam's was ready. The rest of us were wusses and only stuck with weak sauce drinks like martinis and beers.



We braved the anniversary crowds by pretty much sitting rooted at velvet, drinks in hand and cameras a-flashin'. Ventured deeper a little later on and although we pretty much almost passed out from the lack of oxygen:

- this song really helped

us 3 = 9 years and counting

kissy faces and
ginormous eyeballs

Sam, marnkie and I also spent like an hour with our shoes kicked off, sitting (on marns. my white skirt temporarily being rescued by her lap until i decided oh what the hell.) on the carpark parapet. We were pretty much watching people traipse by/ feeling ancient.

Annnd really enjoying the 1.a.m breeze whilst saying geriatric type stuff like "i'm so happy my girlfriends like to sit outside and nothing too".. Oh indeedy doo

on marn's lap

mambz jambz

Supper was in order to properly conclude the night, of course. What's 4.a.m without canned barley and iced milo? And a BFF sleepover? ♥ ♥ ♥