Tuesday, October 7, 2008


One fateful Saturday night in September, I had my first (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th...) lemon drop shot and sang a torrent of Singapore related propaganda songs to an unsuspecting (okay, probably more than a little suspecting) Irish victim (who gamely sang Irish drinking songs in return).


bang bang/ group shot!
deep in frivolous conversation/ smiley faces

It was such a fun night out.. Encompassed all the elements of a good time. As it kinda always is with sarah, I laughed so hard with her/ at her/ with eric/ at eric/ at chris (haha kidding chris). Awh white folk are a hilarious bunch. Yes I said it.. After livin here for xx years.. Dayum how Asian am I right about now?

ace affair
can i get a wut wut!

both already completely cmi
5'1" vs. 6'5"

I don't know how I got home (actually I do. C = man of the night forever amen. me = borderline comatose in passenger's seat. him = first time driving in america full stop. "er va.. va......... do i turn here? errrrr vaaaaaa.......")

The night actually ended up being retardedly eventful. And only after I got home at 2+. Think.. A sink full of unmentionables, angry storming in and out and in again, yelling, like.. yelling, like... YELLING, a torrent of tears from everyone involved, truth hurts truth hurts, boys tucked in the corner wanting to get out asap and just way too many ridic emoments.

Seriously. Girls are trubz.