Wednesday, October 8, 2008

scatter b.


Some things never change.

I seriously think I need to load up on ginkgo nuts/ ω3 fatty acids because I swear something, somewhere is short circuiting. Just in the past 4 days I have:
  • Put on my left shoe on my right foot and thought to myself 'Man.. I really have been on my butt too long. My feet sure are hella swollen'
  • Nearly shampooed my hair with my body soap
  • Put on a new pair of boots that were still tied to each other, tried to walk, and nearly caused my face to become bosom buds with the carpet
  • Over-reacted like a headcase to news that may/may not even be news........ (And even if completely true - should not have affected me the way it did -_-)
  • Left home for class in the morning, only to come home after class to see my house keys dangling merrily from my door.
  • Bought raw pork chops, eggs, juice from the supermarket -- And forgot to take it out of my trunk.
  • Woke up for class and decided to change up my routine. Opened up my contact lens case and for some reason I still can't figure out, decided to brush my teeth instead. Whilst brushing, I proceed to empty contents of abovementioned contact lens case into the sink and it's bye bye contact lenses. WTF?
Ay carumba.....