Saturday, November 22, 2008

bending over backwards just to see you better

I should be:
  • Working on academia related shenanigans.
I am:
  • Not.
Zzz I've been hit with a bad, bad case of Senioritis. Therefore I will be escapist and bombard this post with slightly over a trillion photos.


A coupla weekends ago, ma homegirls came into town:

group shot #1

paper planes & flippy kicks

Did dinner at yardhouse after a 7pm showing of Zumanity.
@*#!(%$ Seriously. Zumanity > Reality.


Ahhh we also enjoyed some major TDF brunch at Bouchon.. And of course we stuffed ourselves silly with bellinis (k just sam)/ carbs galore and oohed and ahhed at the general ladies-who-lunch ambiance of the whole place. In time to come guys, in time to come.

ah munna eat chiu!!/ salmon baguette lovin'


We spent the rest of the afternoon being A+ tourists, spending far too long in stores and making idle chit chat with SA's.

Did I mention we also starred in a low-budget soy-sauce commercial?

dinner @ hikari
HAHAHHAHA wtf right i know

Headed home for a new york minute - (naps were had, movies were watched, baths were taken) before we made a mad dash to Tao.

hands in the air
like you just don't care

It was generally not a bad night.. Had drinks with names like 'M's-get-a-girl' drink - Ohhkay special blend y/n? Flitted around from upstairs to downstairs, from room to room. I think I enjoyed the breeze and fresh air up at Tao Beach most.. Pretty surreal sht. We waited around, waited some more, and danced around like the crazy 21 year olds we're supposed to be. What else are Saturday nights in Vegas for, right? (k not really but for the sake of blog post continuity, HELL YEEEAA.)

tao beach!/ stellar aiming there va


We made our way home early in the a.m., our feet crying bloody murder and our old souls just yearning to go to bed.

We (they) woke up 3 hours past the alarm bells and we had a quick lunch before it was sayonara my pals! Of course we took self-timer shots. I mean.. Come on.

post lunch
pre departure :\

Annnnd after all that I still have no some (YAY!) work done.
Life, 10000. Me, 0.