Monday, November 24, 2008

HB, jlpy


11/11 - my third time celebrating Jane's birthday with her!
It's insane the way time flies.. from 06' - 2 strangers starting out on a journey *hums*.... to the amazing friendship we have today. Scarexciting.

We started the day off with a lot of eating. I honestly ate non-stop from 2pm - 12am that day. It wasn't even my birthday and there I was gorging myself like a crazy person. But.. Seriously. 2pm-3pm 滷肉飯 at aychungs/ 3pm-7pm shabushabu + yakitori etc etc at ktv/ 7pm-1opm tapas at firefly/ 10pm-12am chestnut birthday cake at my place. I think I might still be full.

@ firefly

(ps my house isn't orange - i just suck at adjusting white balance :\)

happy birthday jane
we love you xx

Amidst the photo taking, we stuffed ourselves with cake/ whipped cream and watched WSOP. A good way to end a good night for a spectacular girl