Monday, December 29, 2008

it's the end of the world as we know it


So.. 3 more days before I leave the states indefinitely.

It's weird.. Having lived on a tight schedule governed by the ifs and whens of flight paths/ school timetables for the past 4 years.. This feels strange. Downright creepy, almost. My life is going to take some major turns in the next couple of months, but till then, I'm a free (very unemployed) sparrow. I am a bird. Flap flap flappity flap.

I've been thrown headfirst into all this uncertainty because yes, I've *finally* graduated. I know, what kind of crappy Asian am I? Taking 4 years to finish a friggin bachelor's degree at the same school?!?!


I really can't help but feel blessed because this was the one day all week where it was sunny/ perfect for photo-taking. I mean, look. The very next day, we were hit with this. Thanks, Big Man :)

The whole shebang took about 3 hours.. And of course my family left the nanosecond my name was called. To their credit.. At least they stayed till that point. Sam, being the incredible BFF (with no transportation to leave.. but let's not get debbie downer) that she is, stayed till the tail end.

Celebrate grad times come on. Time for some noms in our tumz.

It was a feeding frenzy. The veal I ordered was massive beyond measurable belief.. And the profiteroles were scrump diddly umptious.

the whole gym gang

Up to the room for white star in teacups, scares regarding the high technology of the minibar and confusion over cheese? Cheese.

And what's a post without some self-timer photos?

I went to bed contented that night, and a long pillowside talk with Sam really was the icing chocolate ganache on my proverbial cake.This is it guys, the end of a (not so) illustrious college career.. But it's the end nevertheless. Of a major part of my life and it's a whole new chapter. No not even.. Like a whole new volume. With trepidation and some excitement.. Bienvenidos 2009*