Saturday, December 27, 2008

o' canada land


The past month has seen me transition smoothly from frazzled college undergrad to officially unemployed. And the past few days have also seen me (try to) pack my life into flimsy mid-sized boxes from office depot.. And failing miserably.

And this is way overdue but I'll be damned if I don't document the heck out of this. MEMORIES GUIZE, MEMORIEZZZ. Thanksgiving in Toronto!

I popped by LA the night before, all ready to embark on my first trip to Canadaland the next morning with ze girls.. And of course... We missed our flight.

But we did a hearty breakfast at CJ's, went back to the apartment and waited a couple of hours before we got onto a nice ol plane and off we finally were. Canada, we're comin atcha whether you like it or not.

We made it there at about 9ish and Jules got us from the airport. We thoroughly enjoyed making water vapor air puffz with our breath/ dinner with her. And omg, METRIC SYSTEM!!! I got unnecessarily excited that speedometers registered km/h.

Up and out early the next day!

obligatory CN tower photo op
sam: " but its not really a tower"

By good golly we walked a lot. We walked a fair bit around Kensington, popped into many a little store and of course.. Sam fell in love with the most pimp coat.. Ever. I swear it weighed 20lbs no lie. It would've doubled up very nicely as a rug.


nigiri usb ports
mr. and mrs D

We walked around a lot after.. Alternating from jogging to hopping to hobbling (haha, marns) to keep us from getting too cold. Marnkie and I also had our first run-in with Timmy.. And immediately we were in love.

lovers in paradise

Dinner at cafe 990 with stephie!!
Ain't no time like girlfriend time.

dinner at cafe 990

US ♥
Stephie's place where:
1) we realized sam bombs at tetris
2) marns fell dead asleep on the couch
3) we took an inordinate amount of self-timer shots

Holy batman mother nature.

Then we visited a bunch of wineries nearby too and made a healthy contribution to Canada's economy. And more timmy's of course and a grocery store! I think grocery stores are always fun. No photos from that night, though. Just a succinct summary: the longest street in the world (no, honestly), korean food, closed skating rinks (:\), mimosas, more selftimer fun, hot dogs at 2am annnd pre-pubescent canadian youths.

St Lawrence Market!!
NGL we loved it.

waiting on fish and chips
jules and sammy :)

Toronto was great, but it was definitely the company that made the trip wonderful.
Again, this trip would have sucked balls if it wasn't for Sam ♥ (& Jules) dutifully herding Marns and me along (Marns don't deny). We were like the two spoilt brats that collectively took 2 hours to get out of the hotel room. (WE'RE SORRY!!) and took naps any and every chance we got (WE'RE SORRY AGAIN!!).. We have sleep issues. Either way, we concluded that we're tropical bunnies for sure, but Canada, oh Canada. Next time, Montreal!!