Sunday, January 3, 2010

feliz navidad!

merry x'mas part 2 & 3 2009

Just a couple days before Christmas, we had a Japanese feast! Potlucks are always so fun seriously you never know what you're going to get. Alright fine.. So we did kind of know what everyone was going to bring via our ever so active facebook thread but nevertheless.. Potlucks are fun. Always fun. Do I have any adjectives in my vocab arsenal other than fun? Obviously not.

On the menu -
Cass & Carol - mixed mushrooms/ ginger salmon/ japanese curry
Ron & D - chanwanmushi/ cha soba
Gerh & Sharon - individually packed cups of tofu with bonito flakes
Pam & AJ - prawns/ fried chicken (I just realized this is not very japanese guys. PAM DIDN'T YOU SET THIS THEME?!)
Vern & JY - yakitori/ miso soup
Us - japanese salad/ mochi! (okay it was tangyuan)
Cole & YM - bottles and bottles and bottles of green tea

Suffice it to say it was a very, very, very fulfilling and scrum diddly umptious meal. All in the spirit of (a Japanese themed) Christmas of course. And a secret celebration of P's um.. Happy Day. She really doesn't like celebrations so we ambushed her outside, presented her a tiny cake, took photos of her, mumbled some nonsense like "happy day pam!" and shuffled back in. A lot of people had to be controlled not to burst out in song. Good job V for being planner extraordinaire!

should've done it mājan style!

merry x'mas from the tall ones

And on the family front,

Christmas Eve rolled around and in keeping with tradition, we were blessed with an abundance of food, family, (food), Christmas games, (food),Christmas hymns, prayer, and more food.. Warmth for even my cold, cold heart. I concluded the 24th the way I hope to conclude every single Christmas Eve - In bed, waking up sporadically only to say "Merry Christmas"... And very, very happy.

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.

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