Monday, January 4, 2010

joyeux noël!

merry x'mas part 4 2009
BFFclub dinner + gift exchange

Not pictured was the MANIC FRENZY that were the couple of hours pre-dinner. Zipping around town in the days leading up to Christmas is not a good idea. Seriously - how do claustrophobic people survive in Singapore during the holiday season?!! Barely I tell ya, just barely.

I was running around like a chicken without a head and even set up a makeshift gift-wrapping counter in the middle of Borders. Good job me. Amidst the chaos, we all made it out alive, kicking, and (fairly) on time for our x'mas dinner + gift exchange. Yay us! Yay dinner! Yay 3 little lambs + maryland chicken + brown sauce that was actually probably curry sauce + gift yay exchange yay!

merry x'mas pauberry ♥!

merry x'mas vërn™!

merry x'mas coowistmers CUPCORNCOLE!

merry x'mas evmw x ll.brry!

merry x'mas dips!

Unpretentious conversations and constant giggling at everything and anything do a great night maketh. Although I guess that pretty much describes what we're like with each other 100% of time... So well you know you know. Wow okay even I'm surprised by my eloquence. What in the world am I trying to say here....

(merry x'mas ubat batuk chap!)


Christmas 2009 was pretty incredible. Nothing crazy, nothing spectacular nor over the top.. Just food, friends, family and a general sense of contentment and joy. Much like many Christmases before, this one showcased so much of what we all have to be thankful for. The small things, the simple things we don't even think about anymore are the things that we should be the most grateful for. I hope I'll never ever let myself forget how blessed I am and that I'll never, ever forget to be grateful.

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