Wednesday, February 24, 2010

formosa 2010

Without a doubt, Taipei is my mostest maximus favoritest city.
My 3rd time there in 13 months and it's position as top-dog has only been firmly cemented in my frigid little excuse for a heart. On that note, today is also 'be hard on yourself day'. Didja know? Go forth and be mean to yourself and call a spade a spade and call your heart.. An icebox. Annnd moving along.

Taipei may not be some faraway land with an exotic language spoken with a fancy lilt or flair.. But it's a little city (country, possibly. but I've yet to venture outside of Taipei) with super friendly people, attractive youngfolk, mouthwatering food matched perfectly to our palates, crazy sweet fruits, hotpot buffets like no other, and generally packed chock-full of wonderful wonderful heart. Most of all though, it's home to Lady Gaga lovers. (Seriously. Every store was either playing a LG song or Nobody.) Mon amour. Cue schoolgirl giggles

I probably also love Taipei for more reasons that aren't all too noble.. But love is love is love is.. Wuv.

Ready for some major photo projectile? Cos' here we go:

I: popeyes/ tu hsiao yueh on hsin yi/ taiwanese desserts!

II: grocery shopping/ heck yes aychungs
rainy hsimending/ rainy dongqu
more dessert time with my angel/ hot pot with gfs!

III: hsimending + wufenpu. nuff said

IV: avatar 3D at viewshow/ taipei 101!
7 amazing hours at shihlin!

V: hsimending HOTPOT4LIFE
/ wufenpu/ raohe

VI: danshui!/ beitou pitstop/
oh shihlin i really don't wanna leave either

till '11
fo shizzle.

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