Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spirit burning bright


IKR, when am I ever going to outgrow emoticons? (Ahem. Nevaaaar.)

Before J left for Beijing, we had us a fried chicken + aglio olio extravaganza kindly hosted by Chez K. A bit of a western food feast before she headed off to the motherland for a good 6 months. And ahhh I was just looking through some archives and guys - remember this? Incidentally we had fried chicken that night too. On a more... whatchamall... commercial paper buckets colonel kentucky sorta level. Even though we've moved on to eating on proper crockery now, family sized buckets always ftw.

Our love burnin' bright as ever tho. That's fo' sho'.

Anyhoo dinner was magnifique. We even ended our night with some heart shaped white chocolatey type cookie thingos Sam & K brought home from Tokyo. (Seriously I would pretty much fail as a food blogger what with my lack of connoisseurship but nevertheless the cookies were delish and made good photo-taking props. Case in point below.)

Gah I love em'. Cookies and humans alike.


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