Friday, April 30, 2010


What I resent most about that ladytime of the month (aside from you know.. The ladytime) is the pensiveness and murky clarity (yes) that always seems to surface. It's like "OH THERE YOU ARE. AGAIN. Has it been 28 days since we last met?" All the emotions (ugh), that during those other 20 odd days you try to shelve in other less significant body parts (e.g. Trusty ol spleen oh you know), comes rushing back to your trusty ol' brain. Pssssh. Shelving plan fail max.

Hello insecurities! Ain't never a party without you! You again, doubts and fears? Ah paranoia - it's been quite a while hasn't it? Annnnd the pity party is on like donkey kong.

Listening to John Mayer on loop probably isn't helping. I swear he's weaved something into his melodies and harmonies and rifts or whatever (don't say lyrics. too obvious.) to incite wave after wave of emo.

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