Saturday, April 10, 2010

tiny tycoon

So in last week's funfair world, I was a tycoon. With a cleft chin apparently.


Before she left on another one of her whirlwind trips, Mom left me with a staaack of funfair coupons. She was coerced into buying them at a class reunion and I was tasked with spending them. So of course I rallied up some troopsand off we were! First time back at the alma mater in 6 years.. Certainly doesn't feel like that long and most definitely doesn't feel like 2 fun-o-ramas have come and gone between mine and this one.

I got to play house for a bit and live my life with the reckless abandon of an heiress. I've never had so much fun herding around my gaggle and telling them to "buy anything you want! annnnythiiiing! whatever! just buy!!" in my life. I was thisclose to throwing the coupons in the air and letting it shower down on us. Thisclose.



Well.... We were in and out of there within two and a half hours. The mixture of heat, nostalgia and expensive popiah was so unforgiving I even had a bit of a dizzy spell. (Weaksauce alert.) Well nothing some brownies couldn't fix but we all went home and KOed for a good hour before resuming normal human activity. Yeah 38C heat...... Not cool. (ha. ha. ha.)

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