Thursday, June 10, 2010

H 23RD, EVMW [ii]

burfday brunch

Day of the 22nd we all traipsed down to Spruce! This Spruce very act exclusive seriously. Tried booking them for dinner the night before ("Sorry we can only seat 6!" My reply was "UH WE'RE QUITE SKINNY CAN SQUEEZE".. Yeh that didn't work.) and then again for brunch ("Yes Ma'm.. Brunch at 9AM or 1PM?")


of sayangs and eggs benny

o i c what u did there

We wined and dined lunched and ...crunched our way through a few passable dishes, surrounded by phoenix park's lush greenery and slightly pretentious girls/boys in slightly pretentious sundresses/ khakis galore. Which of course I adored because I am very slightly pretentious. Brunch is totally the new black.

So I turned the awkward age of 23 without too much fanfare, pomp or circumstance. (sidenote: i used to be a CHAMP at playing pomp and circumstance on my clarinet when i was 8. baller amirite?!) Truth be told, I was contented enough being surrounded by most of my best girls, finally having a legit reason to wear my polka dotted stepford wife dress and an afternoon in with Jing ♫. Hot dang that came out sounding a lot sadder than it actually was I promise I was a happy camper and no less

polaroid for posterity!
(why do we all look like oompa loompas)
happy 23rd, me.

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