Monday, October 11, 2010

blink twice and then you're gone

Because it's my blog and my blog misses my face... (Just go with it), here are some random and exceedingly large photos from the past couple of months.

Many a post-work/ weekend mirrored rendezvous with my girlfriends when we bitched mercilessly about well, merciless spouses and reminded each other that the only merciless (enough of this word now) people we needed in our lives were each other.

(ps in the second one - i don't recognize the lady in the center either. she was an annoyed sales assistant who told us photos weren't allowed AND TADAH SHE'S NOW ON MY BLAWG.)


snazzy stache'

V's birthday picnic at marina barrage!
When we all ODed on V's nutella cupcakes and I had my first taste of monopoly deal. OH HAAAAALE NO DON'T FORCE DEAL ME BITCH.


2 of my very favorites celebrated their 23rd with a wonderful dinner at Osvaldos and I appeared disheveled and dirty after a 12 hour shift at work. Yay real world yay adulthood how I love you so.

In other non-photographed news, my life has been status quo for the past 10 months thank you goodbye and have a nice day.

But seriously though, that's kind of how it's been. I'm settled in my life and more often than not malnourished under aged boybands and foreign language variety shows are my biggest source of joy. No shame y'all... No shame. GAMSA TO THE FRIKKIN HAMNIDAMEN.

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