Monday, October 18, 2010


Anybody who knows me, even a little bit, knows I am nothing if not completely totally wholeheartedly obsessive. Maybe not clinically so but let's just say I enjoy obsessing. Yessir I do.

So when I like a song, I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT and then I replay it relentlessly and frankly I'm surprised my ipod hasn't revolted and exploded into a million tiny pieces because it wants to play something else ffs and ok what i'm tryna say is these songs be niiiiice suited up pretty asian boys dancing in synchronization be very, very niiiice. Annnnd I just want to embed these here so I'll have easier access to them and yes i'll stop talking now.

(excuse the screaming in this one but:
1) this song was released in 2008
2) in 2008, they were (looked more like) fetuses. fetus ogling is not okay.
3) therefore embedding videos of fetuses is not right.
3) plus they are hot as heck in 2010.)

I may or may not be in my quarter 20's I may or may not like these songs because kpop may or may not have taken over my world and I may or may not be okay with that

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