Friday, October 22, 2010

va goes to a va lon

Some weeks ago, I crawled out of my shell to attend this.

Because we're dyslexic and don't/ can't read, we were surprised when we realized YO AVALON IS NOT A CLUB IT'S A GIANT WAREHOUSE THAT HAPPENS TO BE MBS' CONVENTION HALL. Apparently though, Avalon is a club set to be open at MBS but Avalon @ Large was an event set not only to capture the F1 party-going crowd with big wig DJs but also to mislead well meaning excited folk who thought they (we) were going to be the first to see the bombest club to hit Singapore!!!!! (We were excited.) Sadly, it was not to be. To add some insult to borderline injury, the "premium" area (seriously: a) it went for a premium price; b) inverted commas have never been so appropriately used) consisted of mini high tables draped with bloack cloth (WITHOUT ANY SEATING MIND YOU) and random couches lining the sides. WHAT THE WHAT????

I should compose myself. It didn't actually incense us all that much. But it's getting late and I think I'm too excited for Steph's birthday party tomorrow that all the excitement is coursing through my veins and out of my fingers onto my keyboard and tadah.

We be classy.

All in all though, we had a pretty good time. Even with all the complaining we did, even with all the leopard print clad drunk youngsters (leodrunksters) throwing themselves on our couch, even with the party falling on a work day, even with the Mumm in plastic drinkware - I did enjoy my first indoor multi dj party. Most of us didn't manage to make it to the last set, but til next time girlfriends, till next time.

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