Monday, August 1, 2011


Yes, it's true that there is absolutely nothing noteworthy worth recording in my little stomping ground here on the internet - but hey it's not like I cared about that in 2005, right? Why should 'growing up' (I use that term very, very loosely here. I should probably amend that to 'growing older') change what I want to record down in the depths of internet history? So I've convinced myself that even though it's 2011, and even though yes technically I'm well into adulthood, I should blog about the mundanity of my everyday life with pride. Or at least without shame. We'll settle for without shame.

So I'll kick off my return to blogging with 11 random facts about me. Because that makes total sense and all.

    As plenty of small kids were, I was actually quite tall as a kid. I remember being 12 and average height and bam 14 and littler than everyone else. I don't, however, have a complex about it. At 5'1/ 155cm, I'm not that small, and the jokes roll off my back. Want to use me as an elbow rest? That's a-okay with me.

    Ribena has been my favorite drink for 20 years. I've had it every day without fail for.. Yup - about that long. Save for the 4 college years I spent in the US and random vacations and breaks, I've had a glass every single day. What can I say, I'm devoted.

    Nostalgia consumes me sometimes. Weird, considering I'm 24, but I honestly feel like I'll never find happier days then 2000-2003 i.e. years in secondary school.

  4. JAWS
    One of my biggest physical complexes was my underbite. I became acutely aware of it when I was about 14 when my Mom looked at me, held my chin and said "Hmm.. Why is your face like this?" (She hasn't quite mastered tact.) Since that fateful day ~10 years ago, it's been something that's bothered me to the point where 2 years ago I got myself braces and then jaw surgery 1 year ago. Read all about it here. I am now much, much happier.

    I take a lot of pride in being in Asian, and even though I rag on Singapore more than necessary, I'm proud of being Singaporean too. Asian culture, Asian people, Asian everything. AzN pRydE.

    Rice truly makes a meal for me. I sometimes feel like a meal without rice is filling but most of the time, unsatisfying. I know, how Asian.

    I was effectively raised by my nanny, who still works with us till this day. I call her Grandma (in dialect), and I treat her as such too. She is one of the people I love most in this entire world and I am so very lucky to have her in my life.

  8. FOOTY
    My friends make fun of my toes sometimes. I don't blame them, because they're not the prettiest things. My third toe is ever so slightly bent, so it looks like it wants to duck behind my fourth toe (attractive!), which is why one particular friend labelled that toe "shy". I choose to think it was my premature birth that led to the underdevelopment of my toes. I'm sticking with that story.

    I have ridiculously low tolerance for alcohol. I take the Asian Glow to new heights - Think... Asian Maine Lobster. I also don't enjoy alcohol so it doesn't matter much but I not so secretly envy my friends who can go out, drink and have a good time when I go out, drink, and get hit by dizzy spells. How baller.

    I think I still have this weird idealistic view on relationships. I haven't been in very many, but the few that I've been in have spoiled me quite monumentally. I'm not sure I should keep holding on to that or if I should keep holding out for that one sweep me off my feet romance - but only time will tell I guess...

    I tend to be fairly obsessive. Over the course of about 15 years, I've gone through phase after phase after phase. Honestly, I think it's an effective escape from real life so I'm quite happy to be in my obsessive cocoon a lot of the time.
Here, have a gratuitous picture of me throwing up deuces in taipei last week. Or rather, flaunting my Asian peace sign.

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