Monday, October 22, 2012

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After months and months of planning, countless facebook messages and more than one mental breakdown, we made it to Macau for Helen's wedding! I feel like this is a good time to link to a post where I talked about first meeting Helen when we were freshmen in college and 18 year old va said "after lessons, this great girl called helen from macau invited me to join her and her friends cos they were gonna get cell phones or something." Poetic, I know, (or something).

Fast forward 7 years, and there we were, best girlfriends from college, together in Macau, attending a wedding. My first time attending a wedding of a friend and oh dear goodness it has begun, hasn't it? Nevertheless, how lovely it was for everyone to be together again for the first time since the first of us graduated in 2007.    

(ms janey, mcblinky as usual ;)


the yu and heong clans unite!

strolling down the streets of macau

The wedding was beautiful. There really is something amazing about watching two people, so hopelessly in love and seemingly completely perfect for each other actually finding each other. It almost makes me believe that this whole 'the one' business exists. Almost.

Also, the food was phenom. They splashed big time on feeding the guests well and our satisfied faces and protruding guts at the end of the night was the evidence enough.


we even unintentionally color coded and all! 
check the blue beige spectrum.

U! N! L! V!
(we tried.)

Did I mention we gorged ourselves on egg tarts? 

tartin' it up

tchau, macau
till march 2013, girls! 

We bid farewell to rainy Macau and made our merry (ferry) way to Hong Kong. And when in Hong Kong, eat (better yet, share it lady and the tramp style) butter buns at tsui wah. This is law. Bonus points if you get photobombed.

pre-dinner butter buns, natch.


We actually only spent about 23 hours in Hong Kong so we did no shopping (shocking, I know). Mainly, we stuffed our faces, celebrated Shao-Yi's birthday at lily and bloom and interrogated T + mocked Angel mercilessly at chocolate. Good times were had by all.

okay, a tiny bit of shopping 

happy shiny people

happy birthday, shao-yi!

This was breakfast. Yummy meatball noodles in a hole in the wall place with scrawled paper haphazardly stuck on the wall serving as menus. Hong Kong, aren't you lovely?


My favorite part about the whole trip was just being with my girlfriends the entire time, much like how we were in college. Although I see the bulk of them at least once a year (what with my unhealthy obsession with Taiwan), this was the first time all of us had gotten together since 2007. It was ultimately so comfortable, so comforting, to be surrounded by people that still get you, regardless of the distance, the experiences, the once intricately linked but now completely separate lives. I feel very lucky to have them. 

There is no better way to end a reminiscent post than with 6 year old photos. ❤ ♡ ❤

us as young nubile college kids, nary a care in the world. 
days were the those! 

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