Thursday, October 25, 2012


It's one of those days when my optimism is in overdrive, you know? Might it be the short work week that's lulling me into this? Why yes, yes it may very well be. Nevertheless, this week has just been making me feel like I'm brisk walking on the travelator of life, momentary wind in my hair, wings on my feet and all that other metaphorical singin' in the rain type jazz. More likely though, I'm reeling from (this AMA). So humbling, so startling, so eye-opening. Of the many things written on that thread that really resonated with me, the one that really hit home was when the OP said "hug everyone you love. hug them every day." Life is short guys and we're all blessed with so, so much.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the minutiae. Sometimes we forget.

So I'll enjoy the rest of my travelator ride and I'll be okay even if I finish the ride with a stumble and dishevelled wind-blown hair. A-okay.

people they come together / people they fall apart 
no one can stop us now /'cause we are all made of stars 

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eva m. said...

aww congrats on managing to get through to your parents and on your upcoming jaw op! if you have any questions or concerns you can talk to me, i've been there i feel you :) and hiiiiiii little one! best years, am i right?