Friday, May 31, 2013

twenty six tricks

I celebrated my birthday for the 26th time last week. As much as I loathe to admit it, I am firmly in my mid (shh, don't say late) twenties, aren't I? Eesh, That's a (particularly) bitter pill to swallow.

I promise I will not sit here and talk about how in all seriousness, I still feel like I'm 20 (that can't be good) or how every birthday past the age of 21 has just whizzed by faster than I can say "GIVE ME BACK MY YOUTH" or how being closer to the next decade older is kind of sort of freaking me out like can I hide under my bed for a second here please I need a moment.

Nope. None of that whining here.

Here, have some happy photos instead. Let me mope in peace.

But no, real talk. I had a great time ushering in my 26th with my favorite people on 3 separate nights, wining and dining to my heart's content. Honestly, this birthday wasn't spent all too different from many birthdays past and that is something I am truly, truly grateful for. I was surrounded by the people I hold nearest and dearest and I ate a lot of cake (and paella). What more can I ask for? The photos really only show one night (the video below is better at a fair representation of the celebratory shenanigans) but every night was glorious in its own, hilarious way.

Thanks, you guys. For being my best, brightest and bombest diggiest. 

[v x 26]

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