Friday, June 7, 2013





Ginger said...

Hi i am due to have my jaw op in 2 weeks time! Still can't believe how close to 2 years ago, i was reading metalmouthmonologue and wishing i could do something to correct my overbite. And now i'm on the bandwagon too :) Just wanna ask you if Dr Tan suggested anything about reducing your zygoma? I am doing both jaws (i was previously told it would only be my lower jaw) + genio so one of my concern is that it will be too much work. Do you feel that your cheekbones, relative to your new jaw, appeared more prominent post op?

Sorry for the wall of words. I am just looking for a second opinion from you~ TRUCKLOADS OF THANKS!

Cheers from your SN学妹 <3

eva m. said...

hi there little one,

awh, congrats on the impending jaw op! good on you for taking the steps to go ahead with it and i'm excited for you since it seems like you've been looking forward to it for awhile. i don't have any insight regarding the zygoma procedure though! in general my face shape changed a fair bit but i didn't really notice a marked difference in my cheekbones before and after surgery. although to be fair my cheekbones aren't particularly prominent to begin with. however, i trust dr tan so you can definitely consider what he's said. ultimately though, it's your face and your body and you absolutely should not do anything that you're not 100% comfortable with. hope this helps :)