Monday, July 1, 2013

hb, mommy!

scream and shout/ and let it all out

This year, my momma turned 60. Sixty. Siiiiiixty

I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around that because 60 feels like, well, not my Mom. Although I can't be counted on for worthy opinions because for some reason I still think I'm in the ballpark of 19 and I really am far, far past that point. 

Months in the planning, I'm so glad the party turned out just as I envisioned. 100% of the invitees showed up. Plenty of laughs were had and shared. My cousin busted out her guitar and sang a beautiful rendition of 'Thank You for Being A Friend', to the delight of everyone there above the age of 40. Most importantly, everyone left stuffed - with the spirit of celebration, the joy of togetherness, a six-course meal and a metric ton of cake. Now that's what I consider the makings of a pretty perfect party.

My Mom has, and always will be, the strongest woman person I know. Despite the ups and downs she's been through, she's not one to ever back down to nefarious people or injustice. She's brave, beyond intelligent and endlessly inspiring.  She is a pillar of strength for so many of us around her and we are lucky to have her to hold on to. (Might I add, she's also raised 2 fine, upstanding daughters. Unbiased opinion. Ahem.)

In conclusion? My momma makes 60 look damn good. 

ce-le-brate good times, come on!

 happy birthday, momma. 

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