Sunday, September 8, 2013

taiwan thriller ✈

I went to Taiwan again. Yes, again. For the 7th time in 4 years. (one, two, three, four, five, six)

The thing is, I love Taiwan. I really, really, really do. As a matter of a fact, I was dead set on moving there when I turned 25. I even had it all so very idealistically planned out: I'd work, save up, then live in Taiwan for a year, maybe more, spending all my savings in the process but it wouldn't matter because I'd be happy. So happy, so broke, in the arms of Taiwan.

That... Didn't happen. Life did. Logic, fear and adulthood (I use that loosely here) got the better of me and I gave up my formosa fantasies. I think about my could-be life every day. *cue dramatic musical interlude* Enough sappy stuff before I have a(nother) mid 20's existential crisis. Happy, not sappy. Mantra of the day. Onward!


This time, I finally ventured outside of Taipei to lovely Taichung! I'm steppin' out, y'all. Next time, 墾丁 ヽ(^。^)丿

grilled 飯團 that rolled to the ground 2 bites in and 3 minutes after this photo
蛋餅 that we joined a snaking line for. worth it!

stinky tofu is the best tofu


In Taichung, I also had the best - bar none, BEST - hot pot I've ever had in my life.

and when i look into your eyyyyessss
i see an angel in disguiiiiiseee ♫

seriously, if i could marry it, I would. 

And no, we didn't just eat. We also... Um...  used our phones a lot.

lunch at a poet

And took a bunch of selfies.

\( `.∀´)/

So you know how I said we didn't just eat?  We kind of did. Okay, we totally did.  BTW, it's been officially established that we're freaking rainmakers so if there's a drought anywhere, I'll just holiday there and it will rain. Truth.

warming up our bellies after a long day at 五分埔
(dressed to the nines in our best ponchos, natch)

冰火菠蘿包 @ 師大夜市

card carrying members of hotpot lovers anonymous

As expected, I'm still completely, totally, hopelessly enamored with Taiwan. Some people call it obsessive, and some people might be all too right. You can't choose who what you love, right?

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