Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Here lies a quick post to remember my not-so-quick trip to Taiwan by.

In May, I went back to Taipei. We all know how I feel about Taipei so I shall not expound further (because I have talked about it ad nauseum so many times [one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.]) It is embarrassing but I will not be embarrassed - I wear my obsession love loud, proud, and in stamps on my passport. 

It was meant to be an eat/ pray/ love/ we’re a million lonely people sort of trip, in many ways more than one. Didn’t quite pan out the way I expected but the eating, as ush, was a staple in my itinerary.  In 10 days, I took less than 20 photos so this post will be 0% comprehensive, jsyk. Let’s do dis.

I had many a meal alone:

Like, only person on the patio, alone. (in the rain)

And some meals, less alone (。⌒∇⌒)。

hi girls! @ NCIS sushi
mayo laden american style sushi - yes please.

Finally got to try Hutong 胡同 after V’s rave review and it gets an emphatic four thumbs up from us. We ate double our weight in beef and boy, was it was the sweetest suffering. The service was impeccable and systematic, even though it seemed like there were about 80 people behind the tiny counter at all times. 80 very busy, very alert people. You barely had to glance at your plate and a perfectly grilled piece of meat would find its way to your dish. That might also be why we ordered way too much. Good on you, HT.


Also finally got to try Diary. After 2 years! Every time I’ve tried to make a reservation in the past 2 years, I’ve failed because they’ve always been that booked up. Thanks to a last minute cancellation, we managed to snag a spot and it really was lovely. I would go again more for the drinks than the food because they were potent and dangerously delicious to boot. 4 boozy woozy thumbs up.

hi coley companion~


We spent plenty of time getting up close and personal with TPE and her torrential rain but that did not dampen my love one, tiny, bit. See you soon (like, real soon, like, again), my best and brightest. 

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