Wednesday, November 19, 2014

eternal sunshine

dusk ft. the alleys of my favorite city

When I said I'd see Taiwan again soon, I meant soon.

To mark 1 year since our last collective trip there, we took a 2-day jaunt to Taipei in September and mmm, that city just never gets old to me. I fall in love and break and lose myself a little more every time. Honestly, I'm barely put together now, what with all the pieces of myself I've left behind over the years.

As ush, we ate:

LOOK AT THIS BEEFU~ BE MY WAIFU~ Taiwan and its abundance of delicious barbecued meat, cooked to perfection by attentive waitstaff. Clearly, heaven has a name. We tried 大腕 this time and yes, it's worth the hype. And the food coma. 

大腕, 我永遠支持你!

We didn't limit ourselves to beautifully marbled beef, no we didnt. We also partook in 2am runs to 7/11 after failed successful nights filled with pavement peering and mental scorecards. This was one of those nights that really highlighted why we're best friends, 'nuff said.

7/11 feasts are 10/10

Of course we had BREAKFAAAAAAST. Waking up to warm soy milk and a crap ton of fried food is kind of the perfect way to wake up. This picture makes me feel oddly emotional it's like a family photo.

soy in love with you(tiao)

And duh, hot pot.

when in doubt, peace and po(u)t!


4play had some of the most delicious and potent drinks I've ever had. The best kind of lethal combination there is. This drink clearly bought out the supermodel in me -_- It was a shot of something terrible tasting (absinthe? vermouth? insert alcohol name?) followed by helium, followed by embarrassment.


twin some/ lose some

These grainy photos accurately portray how the rest of the night panned out for us. From delectable drinks to decidedly less enjoyable drinks in darker, louder places with drawn out conversations and blurred... everything.

oh my starry eyed surprise 

happy birthday, our special v. 

We made merry:

Where else but 東區? I can hear my Taiwanese friends just screeeeaming at me to get out of my comfort zones and usual hangouts but but but... OKAY. NEXT TIME, I PROMISE. *skulks away*

juice/ yogurt/ honeycomb ice cream 
could this place be any more catered to yuppies + could i love it more? 

We shopped and walked and ate and chilled and sent our wishes into the universe and ate junk food at 4am and made inebriated calls and collapsed and had never-ending heart to hearts and sat on sidewalks and watched the world pass. You know, the ush'.

my happy shiny people  

☆ best and brightest with my best and brightest ☆

Taipei, soon just wouldn't be soon enough. I look forward to going home to you already .

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