Thursday, November 6, 2014

well and good

{stand up we did, and stand up we will.}

anyone who knows anything about me is aware that i'm non-confrontational to a fault. i will go out of my way to avoid conflict, often either choosing to swallow grievances or to deal with it in the most mature way possible - screaming into my baby pillow and/or grumbling under my breath when i'm out of earshot.

as i've aged, though, i've realized that ignoring problems do not make them go away. as a matter of a fact, a lot of the time, they fester. they multiply, they strengthen, they feed on perceived weakness and it is infuriating. the audacity and the gumption of some are truly stupefying and while i may not enjoy arguments nor relish quarrels, don't ever, ever, mistake that for fear or worse - a twisted sense of validation for your morally reprehensible acts.

i am not afraid of you. stand up we did, and stand up we will

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