Thursday, July 15, 2004

but i don't know what to do
with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs

caught spidey two yesterday annnnd it was not bad
just that my stomach kept acting up and basically the indigestion was getting baad.

kirsten dunst is icky (okay i'm so very biased but she's dating jake and that's icky kabicky) but damn son she looked pretty hot in the whole wet-dress scene

haha. that scene was just damn fetch (think mean girls! oh DAHLING -kiss*kiss. haha)

but jae and i were saying today how there were parts that were super cliche. my vote goes to the one where MJ's like running through the park with her wedding dress and there are doves all over the place.
she thought the part where petey gets carried by a lot of people (in true trust-fall style) across the train was worse

actually both are equally corny

but it was still pretty good :)

(ps. i KEPT WAITING for aunt-may to die cos dith told me she'd die. and when it ended i was like .. "but aunt-may is still alive!" hahah EDITH CHOW YOU LIAR!)

mean girls was not bad too and i just think ..
lindsay lohan's 17 and we're all 17 but how come she got that bod and we didn't. dammmmmnit. uh so random hor

hmm the chocettes being advertised shamelessly tv look quite the yummers

and today joycelyn ho called me at seven thirty in the morning and told me she was coming to my house.
in fifteen minutes
cos she didn't feel like going to school
and had no where to go

so i had all of six hours of sleep and she sprung up at my doorstop to disturb me. HELLO WOMAN i quit school and one of the few perks is that i get to sleep CAN? >:(

me so very grouchy.

- hung around
- li joined us
- played silly pool at mambo and gave each other a trillion second chances
- checked out those pros around us (with their own cues stylo mylo)
- me and the couple walked around
- and they kindly followed me to buy tomatos and cheese and pasta sauce in my bid to grocery shop for the family

i am very sleepy


just had to do a shoutout to you even if you never ever read this.
it took all i had not to cry when you broke the news to me but the news hit me pretty hard. as friendships go, guess we haven't been friends for very long. but you being in my life for the past six months have changed it in many ways you'd never imagine. (no exaggeration there OKAY)
you were genuinely the first friend i had in 1AA3. and i admit .. the first thing that drew me to you was your IJ uniform that matched mine and those huge ass angmoh eyes. i was like "shittttt man that girl is hottt"
but beyond that,
we've had some of the serrriousssly funnest times in my shortlived ACJC life. we laughed we talked we shared we ate whole cheesecakes we watched 10things we took long MRT rides home and shared secrets we laughed some more we had every recess and lunch and every possible free period together we even gathered some AC spirit within you (HEH HEH)and no matter what .. we had each other in times of need. you're special and so beautiful to me both inside and out.
thanks for being irreplaceable dommy, i'm really gonna miss you :
xoxo, va.

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