Friday, February 12, 2010

buon natale!

JEWEMS x'mas @ marigold mews

Last of the Christmas series (Ahem. Cue embarrassment) about 2 months overdue. We ended Christmas season 2009 with a big blowout at Sam's.. Lots and lots (trust me. LOTS.) of festive goodies feastin', bigfoot lovin' and bear huggin' galore.

Also, our annual/ almost biennial JEWEMS meetup! It's been increasingly challenging trying to get the 6 of us together in recent years. The last time was Summer 2008 wtf. Yes, 10 years (SHUT. UP.), 3 continents and 6 different cities later... These girls still make me feel like I'm a giggly 13 year-old and the great perks of life are fried food Wednesdays and us traipsing our way to town after school. I love them and I most certainly love us when we're together. What an incredible way to close Christmas 2009... I wouldn't have it any other way ♥

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