Tuesday, April 17, 2012

traipsing through taipei in twenty twelve

北 | 04.2012

Made my yearly pilgrimage to Taipei earlier this month. Need I really say more about how I feel about the damn place? Have (I) (not) (said) (enough)? In the form of a (video), too? 

I might need to get a grip.

Onward to le photos. 

meal numero uno: 滷肉飯!

we'll never dessert you
(give me warm soy bean curd/ 糖水 with yam balls/ boba/ flour balls FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. please?)

淡水, yo.

Danshui, where we bought bottles of sunscreen on the fly (thanks to Taipei's love for drugstores at every corner) and slathered ourselves with it to prepare for our walkathon along Danshui. Might I add that we also bought a large cheesecake and polished it off. Unrelated but it deserves an honorary mention nevertheless. 

nominy noms/ 臭豆腐 + 麻醬麵

!travel buddies!

no such thing as too many disproportionately large crepes in my book!

martina, angel, helen, tina, me, yushan
reppin' +702

I still can't believe it's been 7 years since our freshman year. As with the rest of my memories (which should be clear is my habitat du jour these days), it feels like it was just yesterday we were running back to the dorms from the dodgy target near school just so we could make in time for one of our many calorie-laden dinners at the commons. I'm actually really glad I blogged through most of my college years because it brings back memories like these (among many others), from just months (like seriously 2 months) after we first met. 7 years later, we're making plans (scratch that, we've made plans. Tickets booked today chyeahh) to meet in Macau in June for Helen's wedding. Her wedding. Oh adulthood. How you've snuck up on us. 

hugs & kisses 

we be refugees in taipei
sitting on floors of buses/ chilling in stairwells of malls

fried food and gratuitous selcas.
what else do i need from a vacay?

Yes, we consumed a disgusting amount of food during our trip, most of them fried. We regret nothing. 

(goodbye, kitty. here, have a video of my demolishment of kitty pudding. this pleased me greatly.)

okay let's talk about how adorable this alpaca is

the lady behind us is the real star of the photo, natch

I really feel like I've long exhausted my vocabulary on my borderline obsessive weakness for Taipei. This time around, the pace was slower, the places were revisited, but the magic certainly wasn't lost. How can I bewitch you like you have me, T?

i've been watching your world from afar
i've been trying to be where you are
and i've been secretly falling apart unseen
to me, you're strange and you're beautiful

till next year, taipei
you know i'll keep my word

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